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Our Menu

Fat Angel products are baked on premises daily by hand using only the highest quality local, natural and organic ingredients. Our focus is to provide wholesome and comforting food at a reasonable cost. Our line consists of decidedly devilish goodies (Fallen Angel), lighter fat/calorie goodies (Not So Fat Angel) and some vegan, wheat-free goodies (Earth Angel).

Our blissful baked goods menu includes:

  • Assorted breakfast pastries such as sticky buns, pecan rolls, sweet & savory scones/biscuits, muffins and croissants
  • Cookies, brownies and bars
  • Seasonal fresh fruit tarts and pies
  • A variety of freshly baked breads & rolls
  • Wedding & specialty cakes

We proudly serve organic, fair trade coffee by Equator Coffee Company as well as other assorted organic teas and juices.

Cinnamon Buns

Buns in the Oven

Cinnamon Swirl